Benefits of yoga for mother and baby.

Realigning the spine and helping a return to healthy alignment and posture.

Tonification and strengthening of pelvic floors..

Awareness, use and strengthening of the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back.

Relieving aches and stiffness from feeding and caring for your baby.

Help your body and emotions heal and strengthen into your role as a mother.

Help deal with stress by providing relaxation and support
enjoy the company of your baby through baby yoga, massage and singing.

Support with colicky and fretful babies.

Multi-sensory stimulation for your baby through sound, touch and movement supporting their development.

Help babies to sleep through the physical activity of the class and soft and slow stimulation.

Learn the value of self-nurture, so that you can in turn nurture and go with the flow of motherhood, enjoying the journey together,

Wear lose layered clothing, for ease of movement and changes in temperature.