Becoming a Doula was a natural progression for me from supporting women before, during and after their pregnancy with yoga. It has and continues to be a privilege to support women and their partners through every kind of birth. I am a passionate advocate, fearless, yet calm and practical. Supporting couples through birth has a lifelong impact on how they feel about themselves, their relationship, birth, and becoming a parent. Having another women supporting you through birth is as old as our history. A relaxed and supported partner, family support, continuity of antenatal care (knowing your midwife), human rights in birth and a woman you know and trust supporting your birth can make a huge difference to outcomes and your well-being. If you are unsure, if support is in place for you, hiring a doula is a pragmatic investment in you and your partners journey into parenthood, whether it is your first birth or subsequent births.
You may know me already through me teaching you yoga or you may have followed a recommendation elsewhere. If you would like to talk more, or see if me being your Doula would feel right please do contact me to explore further.