A gentle and comprehensive introduction to the practice of Yoga!

Friday Night dates TBA regiester your interest (4 weeks £48)

6.45-8 p.m.

All Saints Junior School Hall, August House, Brownlow Road, Reading RG1 6NP


You may have been wanting to explore yoga or have been told yoga would be good for you but have been put off coming to a group class for lots of reasons.  Yoga is not about learning to stand on your head or how bendy you are.  Yoga is a body/breath/mind practice to increase your well-being.  It works in a multi-layered way,  with the body this can be about improving posture, range of movement and strength, through postures and movement that is appropriate to you.  With your breathing; learning how to breathe well and to influence your breath to have an impact on your nervous system, cortisol response, stress levels and in turn quality of sleep.  The practice of working with your body and breathing in turn influences your mind and concentration, in time leading to mental  stillness and a sense of becoming truly present, something that we all increasingly crave.  With the right practice and support yoga can be an empowering experience of bring you into a better relationship with your body and mind.

In this 4 week course I will introduce you to the practice of yoga, sensitively and with support.  Each course participant will complete a health questionnaire to ensure that the the class is fully accessible for them  physically and that their motivation for wanting to practice is supported.   I have ten years experience of teaching people of all ages, with all levels of ability and varying health needs, am qualified as a yoga therapist.