I was apprehensive about returning to a yoga group after a 20 year gap. I need not have worried! Marie is a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. Her classes are interesting as she chooses a different focus for each session. They are also carefully structured so that each class builds on what we have previously learnt. I have been inspired to start a daily practice of my own each morning which makes me feel stronger, calmer and more focused'
E. Hope-Cleverly.

'Attending Marie’s yoga sessions is a real treat - she creates a haven of tranquillity where you can really relax and switch off. It is the highlight of my week! The classes are carefully planned and the small amount of students allows her the chance to create a friendly, intimate atmosphere where she can correct movements if necessary. This is a real bonus if, like me, you have been to very large yoga classes in the past and you are just left to get on with the manoeuvres never really knowing if you are doing them correctly. I would definitely recommend Marie as a fantastic yoga teacher.'
Helen Fox

'Marie makes sure that your alignment is best for you as a person in the different positions as not everyone can do the typical Pretzel poses of strict instruction in other classes. It means that the Yoga is for you.'
Teresa Saunders

'I love the small, friendly classes which are at a pace to suit all. Great demonstrations along with explanations for poses really help with putting them into practice.'
Sarah James

'I first began coming to Marie's class in the Summer of 2008, about ten weeks after a C-section with my second child. I was very keen to get back to my old self having exercised sensibly throughout my pregnancy but knew I had to be extra careful. One of the first things Marie teaches all of her students is to be mindful of their bodies and what it is telling them on any given day. This, combined with Marie sensitively offering me modifications, ensured I slowly but surely regained my strength and energy - physically and mentally.
I love my Thursday evenings. They provide me with my own little refuge away from the stresses and strains of bringing up a young family. The hall is lovely and peaceful. I always leave the class feeling suitably worked and chilled out and I always sleep really well!' 

Katherine Mitchell