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Benefits of yoga for pregnancy and birth.

Find heart space to relax and explore your journey and connect with your growing baby.

Improve your awareness of your posture helping you maintain the integrity of your spine as you adapt to your changing shape.

Ease and reduce backache and Pelvic girdle pain.

Strengthen muscles supporting pregnancy,
increased awareness of pelvic floor muscles and their role in pregnancy and childbirth.

Bring about relaxation and calmness through releasing tension from the body and mind.

Boost energy by reducing fatigue and improving sleep.

Greater awareness of your breath and the ability to use this connection to support you during pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Particularly in  managing contractions and birthing your baby.

Learn to self-nurture, promoting optimal health before and after pregnancy.

Learn about optimal foetal positioning.

Become comfortable with using sound to aid relaxation, induce calmness and dispel fear and anxiety during pregnancy and birth.

Explore yoga philosophy to help deal with anxieties and empower you to make the right choices for you.

Become part of a community of mothers to be/new mothers