Travelling eyes...

Travelling eyes.


I journeyed and I returned.  My earliest memories of self-reflection involve studying maps and starring out of windows with wonderings of escape and adventure.  I have been lucky enough to travel and I keep a way of this seeing; this arriving into the new, into each moment, in my heart in the day to day.

Being somewhere for the first time anchors you into truly looking and watching.  We are birthed with a curiosity and we begin our listening and looking.  This is before we become armoured in our bodies, before our thoughts become directed toward achievement, tasks and time traveling, replaying and rehearsing.  When I am looking and in turn my thoughts are quiet I am listening loudly.   I have space for connection, reflecting back a smile or instigating one.


If you cannot follow your itchy feet and you yearn to travel?  Take a breath, soften it’s flow to the edge of your body, so that you feel it’s entire volume. Soften your eyes but then open them fully and notice.  Scan for beauty and connection.  Notice what is new about the day but also what is returning, taking comfort in the familiarity of our seasonal life.  Looking, really noticing, as if you have never been before. Then everyday we are travelling even if we cannot adventure far.

Travel into your child’s eyes as you listen.

Travel into the sound of nature competing with our dominance.

Travel into the itching of the woolly jumper on a cold day.